SOS is This the apocalyptic new era of The Machines…Judgement day…I only

want to take my monies out ( it’s not a lot) And close the account…But big wise King machine…tells me firstly it’s my email…and then it’s not my bank either and refuses to cooperate unless I tell the colour of the pigeon standing on one leg next to the flock of 18 birds in the park getting fed by the deer little old lady wearing the reindeer hat in June…it’s coming practically slaves al ready…help pls


Erm ‚Ķ I‚Äôm guessing as you wrote what ever this is between 2am & 3am you were ‚Äėexuberant‚Äô
If you need something maybe when your less ‚Äėexcited‚Äô you could translate it.


I thought exactly the same! Er what the??? :man_shrugging:


Good morning all ‚Ķyeah sorry about that basically all I want to do is close my ISA ‚Ķther is ¬£7.38 in the account but the computer will not register my bank account with which I payed money in‚Ķsince last Christmas this has been going on‚ĶI told several very nice people I‚Äôm not bothered about the money I just want to close isa‚ĶI am very happy with the other account and have no trouble with draw money or deposit‚Ķ it‚Äôs the same bank account‚Ķbut computer saying I‚Äôm not me )&^‚ā¨‚ā¨/=√∑^&((¬£^/=√∑^^&‚ā¨&¬•^$=^&‚ā¨‚ā¨/=&&^ many thanks Dean

This sounds like something to message the team directly about try hello@freetrade.II - they’ve always been super helpful in ever dealing I’ve had with them.

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Many thanks my friend…I have tried numerous times they keep telling me the same thing…and then another email comes through telling me to update