Macquarie Infrastructure (MIC)

Macquarie Infrastructure
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Could anyone confirm that this is the company which has bought 60% of National Grid, please.

The media is describing Macquarie as Australian but I can find US and British Columbian bases.


It is a Aus investment company, they have over the years invested in uk, and also in the M6 toll road if memory serves me correct, search for MQG, however not on FT at this moment when I searched


The link you need is as below

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So, (sorry to be dim) is $MIC on Freetrade the same company as MCG?

From a scan around, $MIC appears to be its own distinct company, but it seems to have got rights to use the Macquarie branding.

Quote - MIMUSA provides MIC with corporate center services, including operational management, legal, financial reporting and communications roles at the holding company level including personnel costs. MIC pays MIMUSA a base fee each quarter for these services. MIMUSA may elect to reinvest such fees in additional shares of MIC.

MIMUSA being a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Group (MQG) which has 16.6% of the shares in $MIC - Symbol Lookup from Yahoo Finance

Quote from this document -

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MCG or Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group appears to have been bought out by the Canadian Pension Plans Investment board in 2009

So MIC and MCG are different companies

Edit- I’d suspect from the wording of the news articles on this it’s a combo of funds from MQG and MCG (owned by the Canadian entity), but I’m not clear/understanding this particular bit
Definitely doesn’t seem to be this company though ($MIC)

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As per Ryan’s update

One is based around Hawaii infrastructure ie the MIC and on the NYSE as well as FT, the other one your interested in is a asset management side of the main MQ GROUP which is the uk based Nat Grid but not as far as I can see on FT.


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Thanks for these! That’s helpful and I’ll do some more digging :+1:

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That dividend can’t be right :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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