Majedie Investments plc MAJE

An investment trust that invests in a diversified, global growth equity portfolio. This trust may use gearing.

This is an absolutely dire investment trust in the global income sector. Dire is being kind to the investment management. In fact the directors leave something to be desired.
Here they are in there sector
Still on a big discount. Hargreaves Lansdown is more up-to-date at 24%
Note the sudden fall in the discount

They have announced a different investment managers and different approach. A considerable change.
Worth looking at just on the assumption that the discount will continue to narrow.

The full info is on Quotedata.
Type in: new direction for majedie
I have the app on my devices so always comes up in that. Not sure if you need it.
Dividends are to be 0.75% of NAV based on year end. So 3% dividend.
Eclectic (according to them) on some investments. Ones that are generally only available to institutes. Aim to beat cpi by 4% (total returns) over 5 year period. Which they have achieved…in a period of low inflation.
Either way i am thinking about it…and many other investments in a period of bargains galore in the investment trust sectors. Money would help of course.