Make PIN / Fingerprint Unlock Optional

I don’t want this post to come across as ungrateful :innocent:, it’s fantastic that Freetrade have added fingerprint functionality to the app so quickly :raised_hands: and compared to a PIN… It’s blazing fast :fire:

But I’m sat here wondering whether or not Freetrade will consider ‘doing a Monzo’? I.e. offering the option to completely remove / bypass the lock screen? :slight_smile:

Presumably Freetrade follow some, if not all, of the same regulations that Monzo do and they’re allowed to run PIN’less & fingerprint’less if the user chooses that :smiley: I for one appreciate it, if some nefarious character has broken through my fingerprint or excessively long password then I doubt they’ll have much trouble bypassing that same security on an app :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so I might as well keep my secure phone lock & have lightning fast access to my apps :smiley:

What does everybody else reckon? :slight_smile:

My bad, duplicate post!

I reckon you should have used search :grin:


Oh :man_facepalming: why have I turned into a forum noob all of a sudden :sweat_smile: