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Premier League giants Manchester United are one of only a handful of publicly-listed football clubs, and they’ve endured quite a rollercoaster over the last few years - on and off the pitch :roller_coaster:

Back in December 2018, Utd fired their manager, Jose Mourinho.

As well as enduring the worst start to a Premier League season in almost 30 years, United had also seen around $1bn wiped off their market value.

The share price has dropped 22% in the last 12 months and around 14% in 2019:

Following Mourinho in the hot seat was this man, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Following an initial strong run of results on the pitch, performances have dipped again this season and the club are languishing outside the top six.


There has, however, been a small uptick in the company’s share price following some steady commercial results.

They shoot, but can they score?

Utd announced its Q3 2019 earnings today, posting revenue of $166.9 million for the quarter, coming in at 3 cents per share.

There are rumours that Utd will continue to cut wages, while publicly acknowledging that they have to start winning trophies again.

They’re a household name, but how many of you have NYSE-listed English Premier League giant in your Freetrade portfolio?

Would you invest in other football clubs if they were listed companies?

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