Marijuana Industry Stocks

(PJ) #1

Will this industry be added largely to the stocks available? Example stocks:
• Canopy Growth
• The Green Organic Dutchman
• Innovative Industrial Properties
• Cronos
• Aurora
• Tilray


GO Heavy on *Marijuana* Stock listings
Cannabis Stocks
Add shares from other markets such as DAX
(Jonny) #2

Someone has suggested Tilray, Canopy Growth Corporation & Aurora Cannabis to be added to the stock universe


(Alex Sherwood) #3

We’ll definitely consider adding these stocks if there’s enough demand. Please do vote for the stocks that Jonny’s mentioned or add your own #stock-requests for the others & help us get a sense of how many people want to invest in stocks from this industry :canada:


(Ryan) #4

Would definitely be great to have some of these stocks on the platform. Especially with all the hype around this industry!


(PJ) #5

Could we vote for as much of the marijuana industry stocks available to be listed asap?

This ETF to the list also?

ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF

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Of the top 8 requested stocks, Tilray (8), Canopy Growth (5) and Aurora (2) are there… So if it’s based on demand we will see them soon right? Along with Tencent?


(Jack Songer) #7

I really think some cannabis stocks should be made available if possible, the market is set to boom majorly, it could be like investing into Amazon in its early days!!

Drinks manufacturer Anhueser Busch are set to release cannabis infused drinks in the hope of booming that market due to the sales of alchohol dropping year after year.

The medical side of things is a different story, it could be a game changer!

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(Chris) #8

I’m hoping that any purchase of cannabis stocks results in this video playing in app