Market open dot - has it gone from the app?

I noticed today that the signifier for the market being open does not seem to be working in the app.

Upon searching I see that some have complained about it, however I found it really useful to know whether any particular market was open.

Is everyone experiencing this or is it just me?

If the dot no longer flashes when the market is open, how do we see whether a particular share’s market it open without checking it’s domicile and googling the opening hours/bank holidays etc?

It didn’t occur to me that people used that for that purpose. If it’s not open it tells you here

Ah yes, of course. I’ll just have to re-program my brain a bit. Thank you.

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… us customers are never happy are we?!

I can imagine this scene in the Freetrade office whenever we complain about something in the community…

Customer services


Do you mean this pulsing trace ?

Im confused…cause mine still works. Or is it something else?

I think it’s stopped working in iOS maybe it’s a regression and a bug

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I wasnt sure I was talking about the same thing :rofl:

So Android wins again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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I’ve never noticed it :rofl:


Well, that’s just favouritism Bob! Where’s mine gone?! :rofl:

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Mine started working again now! Whoop!

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Probably just needed a wee breather after running all those heavy IOS restrictions :rofl::rofl:

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Something like this would be better though


Yes, the more obvious the better.

There have been occasions when I’ve tried placing an order thinking the market is open when it is not.

That’s why I miss those bargain prices!