Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report 2019

It’s a monster!

If you’ve not seen it before, The Internet Trends report is published each year by Mary Meeker, former Kleiner Perkins general partner, who has now launched her own $1B fund called Bond.

The report covers everything internet-related, from advertising to emerging industries, and is extremely detailed (clear your diary if you want to get through it all)

Are you sitting comfortably? :popcorn:

Some things I found interesting:

  • The rise of freemium business models :eyes: Companies mentioned as part of this trend included Spotify and Zoom.
  • Internet growth is slowing. Yes, it’s still growing, but the pace is reducing slightly year-on-year and new internet users are harder to find. (51% of the world went online last year). E-commerce growth also slowed.
  • People are communicating with images more than ever before. Over 50% of tweets now contain an image – up from 0 when it launched!
  • Data. "If it feels like we’re all drinking from a data firehose, it’s because we are,” said Meeker. After seeing the recent acquisitions of Looker and Tableau by Google and Salesforce, respectively, it’s hard to disagree.

Anything interesting you spotted in the report?