Mast Energy Developments Plc - MAST

Company profitable next year. But dont think they will be making much profit in near future

£7k isn’t going to make much of a difference to the SP. Sounds like a personal rather than a political interest. He obviously thinks they have a chance of improving long term.

7k probably isn’t a lot to him either.
The purchase could be viewed in many ways.
One of which is an attempt to say to the market, “I have every confidence in the company buy the shares”
He had to get permission to buy the shares due to the JV nearing completion…or not.
If it was meant to be market manipulation it failed because 7k is bugger all to him (a reasonable assumption)

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Turning into a disaster.
I was lucky as I got out with a profit…just.
If I was in at say 5p I would just forget about them. Write off your investment but don’t sell. Move on to a less risky investments.
A recovery is always possible.

Any sign of that JV cash yet?

100% uptick today.

See business update

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Is this your worst performing stock?
It is mine.
Share your horror stories, share the pain.

Down nearly 99% is quite impressive :clap:

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We have a winner.
I’m “only” down 93.15%

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