McDonald's 🍔🍟🤡 - MCD

That sounds like they are liquidating their current inventory. Such as donating bread to foodbanks etc.


It’s because they’re closing all their Uk restaurants, like Nando’s.

Beyond Meat post market down almost 30% (missed earnings + McPlant)

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All it’s franchisees and real-estate business.

Beyond Meat McFaceplanted.

A few interesting things to note with this company.

  1. As Buffet likes to say about Coca-Cola, their brand recognition is amazing (as is their pickup rate among younger audiences)

  2. They’re well hedged against risk, the franchises hold the risk for food sales.

  3. McDonald’s money is in property/land - which generally is a better investment but they’re also secured against short-mid term fluctuations in the market thanks to their long-term agreements with the franchises.

  4. Impressive pickup in emerging markets.


Quick @heytokyo order your large fries while you still can!

It was around 3:30 when you posted this. Go to sleep!

(meanwhile, opening up the McDelivery app)


Can you tell that to a toddler …


It’s hard to call what effect this will have, if any. The difference with the Russian McDonald’s is that they’re owned by the clown as opposed to franchised. This means the fixed cost centres are on MCD’s balance sheet.

The rouble has dropped so much that it might not be worth them trading is Russia.

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Has anyone considered McDonald’s as a hedge against inflarion. After all, ‘[they’re] not in the burger business, [they’re] in the real estate business’

This is a good substack & twitter account to follow.

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…because they’re mingin’. Burger King’s offering is head, shoulders, knees and hooves above the McPlant.

From an environmental point of view, and to save my own ass, I do hope McDonald’s sort themselves out and expand their range of sustainable options but the McPlant - to my mouth - just isn’t good enough.

Hello, just found out that during the 2008 recession, MCD performed quite well…
I’m thinking on get some shares, but I need to do some research… anyone interested in this topic? (GSPC is the s&P 500)

I think McD is a great recession proof stock that also gives a dividend. I slightly begrudge buying US stocks at the moment given the exchange rate, but I posted a topic on this subject 4 months ago that gained some traction:

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