MEGATHREAD: Bugs & Glitches

@Rafael just upgraded to 1.0.30844 (30844), same issue.

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Thanks @ItSecTrader @rehpot

We are checking


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@ItSecTrader @rehpot We’re working on a fix for this now. Thank you for reporting this !

Could you provide us with some stock examples where you see this issue ?


Post MEGATHREAD: Bugs & Glitches - #8 by Agnasa has an example with screenshots

Sure, I’m experiencing this with all the trusts I hold that have forthcoming dividend events, namely SMT, JGGI, BRWM, AGT and WWH.

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MCD, ULVR, MSFT, but basically all the ones I hold and have dividends pay dates in the next two months.

My bad ! I thought we released a fix to this as part of the last release !
We just started rolling out a new release yesterday and I can assure you this bug is fixed as part of that release.

Google should ramp up the release as the week goes on. Sorry for the confusion and delay :pray:


For those of you that don’t understand this: new versions are released by Google in a staggered manner. This means all users do not get the release at the same time and you may have to wait for up to a week before you get your personal update.


That’s alright, I am glad that the bug is fixed and the release in the pipeline!
Keep up the good work and the features coming, specially for Android. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, look forward using this nifty new feature!


Upgraded to version 31112, and the feature works as intended.
Thank you @Rafael and @markMurtagh gor the quick fix! :+1:


I have another glitch to report on the app, more particularly with the KIID file for a stock. Currently showing a “access denied” message when trying to see the file.

A relatively minor one: I’ve noticed that the app doesn’t display any details of premium/discount nor NAV for ATT but it does for all the other investment trusts I own. Could this be fixed?

On this subject, would it be possible to also display the average premium/discount for trusts over say a year – or better still a longer period – or would that be a bit to ‘tradey’ for FT’s tastes?

I am not sure if something changed in the latest version of the app, or if it is just me, but it seems that the dividend dates to add to the calendar are having a funny behaviour…
I can only see the dates for one stock. After that, I can’t see any further dates on my portfolio. If I close the app, I can see one stock with the dates and then nothing after until closing the app and opening again.

Not sure if related to caching, backend or anything else, but it could be caught on regression testing.

Android app
App version: 31399

glitch - when switching to an account with a larger holdings value, eg in my case GIA > ISA…the ISA will momentarily display the GIA account value and show as being down by the total amount in the ISA. This happens every time…for second or two then it catches up.

Doesnt happen the other way around.

@ItSecTrader thank you for raising this. We have created a bug ticket and our looking into this.

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