Megathread - Crowdfunding

I’m thinking that when it moves out of the reservation phase, we will be asked to confirm the investment (which I’ve done with some others before) and I’m assuming it will be as equity not a convertible. Let’s see how Angela responds to your questions :+1:t3:

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Would maybe be a good fit for Capdesk or
Wouldn’t like to see Freetrade buy them.

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At a premoney valuation of nearly £7M?

As a Freetrade shareholder I would not want to see Freetrade spending that much money buying other companies when expansion of their existing business should be the focus


Do you know how much cash Freetrade has on hand and surplus to requirements?

£7M is a lot to throw away buying random companies when you are not yet profitable and you are trying to expand into new markets

Edit: once again I’ve ended up in a conversation with a ghost poster :laughing:


Slightly annoying to have not received any replies. Conscious it’s Thanksgiving but they were posted a few days back.


Seedrs is being bought by US crowdfunding platform Republic.


Big (from Seedrs clients newsletter)


Feels cheap in comparison to CC’s next raise. Suppose better to have an exit than not. It’s also quite a messy deal. There are some details of the deal publicly on


I thought crowdcube was supposed to merge with seedrs what went wrong?

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That’s the price they were in 2017 so not much of a profit!


Not the same as Freetrade so far :slight_smile:

It would have been far better to have a huge UK company corner the market and potentially take the world. Now we’ve got the US taking Seedrs out, and I’m sure Crowdcube will be next. Not sure competition rules are keeping up with a global economy. UK’s lost the chance to lead here…


Umm. As @saf suggests

Makes me think that one of these companies was on its knees and the VC wanted out. Moreover the combination of Crowdcube and Seedrs would not have resulted in the capital injection that Republic is bringing to the table.

When there are acquisitions savvy investors should ask themselves what the acquisition is really about.

nope, crowdcube is able to maintain growth so receive investments, they don’t need acquisitions

That would be great if we’re able to access shares for Klarna. Hopefully the interest also increase for Moonpay, Dija & Nordigen.

Dija were acquired by Gopuff

And it isn’t going well apparently

It’s weird. They are only doing a secondary offer, so is it the case that somebody wants to get money off the table?

They shouldn’t need any further investment from crowdfunding considering their mega round earlier this year.

It’s getting crowded!

Seemingly valued at $45.6bn in latest round. Crowdcube states it’ll be a 5% discount from that round, that implies a $43.3bn valuation. Someones trying to cash out, good for them - must be a big haul, but not a very good signal though. Best case its an early (ex) employee that wants to cash out? Well regardless, I agree with not joining secondaries and honestly, for this size might as well go for public markets…