Megathread - Crowdfunding

I am quite certain that you will find suitable locations,if you have approximately 14,000 to choose from.

Anyone looked at Bonnet on Crowdcube? Looks interesting but the valuation seems a little rich

Lovin it Lovin it Lovin it Ex-Virgin Money chief Gadhia eyes sale of finance app Snoop

I reckon at present the SNOOP valuation to be approximately £200 million

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200x revenue seems realistic. :speak_no_evil:

its probably a distressed sale?
£1m annual revenues …


more interested to see will there be an exit at 1-2bn valuation for freetrade investors this year

Who wants to break it to him?


More likely 100m unfortunately mate but lets dream all together

I have always said £1 billion in 2023/24 because of Covid it has been put back to 2024/25 by witch time they will have opened in R.O.I. & The Netherlands

true, almost have a round to reach 1bn.

InvestEngine have a new fund raising round on Crowdcube, at an approximately £28M valuation.

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Slick sales pitch and on the heels of Freetrade!!!

Simon Crookall means business but lets see if he can really scale Investengine. They seem to be talking numbers and is already thinking about exit strategy :thinking:. He sees the £ £ signs in his eyes cha-ching

I invested in 3 seperate rounds for the social impact investment app Clim8… just saw the news that they are closing down: Clim8 to close customer accounts on 29/05/23 - Clim8


They’ve been poor at communicating with investors throughout, and this press release is equally a poor update as to why they’re shutting shop.

Very disappointing


That’s a shame.

I think you’re right on the communication.

It also wasn’t clear to me how they were obtaining customers. These themed type investment platforms can work, but they need to actually acquire those specific customers and have a reason for them to stay

Also seems like they absolutely hemorrhaged customers at one point due to being quite strict with customer risk profiles (the reviews on the app store really slated them)… I imagine that was the killer blow

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I got hit with the customer risk profile change…and tried to get them to over turn this, which they didn’t do so, so stopped putting any more money into them…I had a small investment with them…and only invested in one raise in December 2020…


that’s a proof again VC means nth, don’t invest anything becuase VC is in. They don’t really invest that well, do your own research , my frds

It’s not proof of anything. In fact it means nothing.

Acorns acquires UK’s GoHenry, a fintech focused on 6- to 18-year-olds

The terms are a bit unclear TBH it’s not very clear how much/if a return will be made. CW seem optimistic on a positive return but it’s likely going to be low level depending on the round you invested in and/or depending if you have more or less than 1999 shares.

Full quote from CW below

"What is happening?

The founders of GoHenry and other shareholders (together the “Sellers”), have entered into a share purchase agreement with Acorns (the “SPA”). Under the SPA, Acorns has agreed to acquire all of the shares in GoHenry.

Acorns, the Sellers and GoHenry have therefore agreed that any investor in GoHenry (whether their shares are held by Crowdcube Nominees or held as a direct shareholding) that holds 1,999 or fewer shares in GoHenry, will receive consideration solely in the form of cash. Anyone above this threshold, will be receiving shares in Acorns. The value of the cash received by cashed-out members of the crowd is, as required by the Articles of GoHenry, valued to be equivalent to the value of the non-cash consideration of anyone above this threshold."

"What are the returns for Crowdcube investors?

Please note that the numbers included here are not definitive and are subject to certain adjustments and based on a number of assumptions. They are presented for illustrative purposes only.

Regarding the valuation of GoHenry itself, the headline enterprise valuation is the same as the post-money valuation of the recent Series B funding round, which was completed at the end of 2022. The Board currently believes that this is a reasonable market-determined valuation by a recent third party and, thus, a fair one.

The final transaction price is subject to completion account adjustments. This means that the final price per share will be determined at a point in the future. A best guess estimates the price per share at $9.75 per share (the “Offer Price”). Please note that the final amount cannot be determined until after post-completion accounts adjustments and as such has the potential to be higher or lower than this amount.

Crowdcube investors paid the following amount for GoHenry’s Crowdcube rounds:

2016 - share price of £1.50

2017 - share price of £2.00

2018 - share price of £3.00

2019 - share price of £3.00

The Offer Price is therefore a positive return on the initial investment of all investors, which will be subject to certain adjustments in the period following completion. "