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I think it will probably work locally. But it’s obviously limited by the availability of suitable shafts. And the amount of energy it can store isn’t going to make them a fortune. They might be able to make something small scale of it but I don’t think it’s going to make crowdfunders rich


Great article :+1: Let’s leave it too the experts,shall we?

AND another

There are 14,000 disused shafts!

How many are suitable and how much revenue can you generate from each one plus are they in suitable locations?

I am quite certain that you will find suitable locations,if you have approximately 14,000 to choose from.

Anyone looked at Bonnet on Crowdcube? Looks interesting but the valuation seems a little rich

Lovin it Lovin it Lovin it Ex-Virgin Money chief Gadhia eyes sale of finance app Snoop

I reckon at present the SNOOP valuation to be approximately £200 million

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200x revenue seems realistic. :speak_no_evil:

its probably a distressed sale?
£1m annual revenues …


more interested to see will there be an exit at 1-2bn valuation for freetrade investors this year

Who wants to break it to him?

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More likely 100m unfortunately mate but lets dream all together

I have always said £1 billion in 2023/24 because of Covid it has been put back to 2024/25 by witch time they will have opened in R.O.I. & The Netherlands

true, almost have a round to reach 1bn.

InvestEngine have a new fund raising round on Crowdcube, at an approximately £28M valuation.

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Slick sales pitch and on the heels of Freetrade!!!

Simon Crookall means business but lets see if he can really scale Investengine. They seem to be talking numbers and is already thinking about exit strategy :thinking:. He sees the £ £ signs in his eyes cha-ching