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thank you for the link for small robot company. i really like the company :smiley:

Aren’t they in trouble?

being discussed in the crowdfunding graveyard thread

They might be ok :crossed_fingers:

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Email just received.
Note I am only putting in £100. The pledge was less than £500

"thank you for pledging <£500

You have joined our community pledging over £1.1m!

74% of the £1.5mp asked for.
I don’t believe they need to get all the way to 1.5 million as they could easily have another round.
How many funding rounds has freetrade had?

Received the invite for the Finesterre update…am really curious to see how they are doing. Hopefully not a request for cash.

Absolutely 100% no chance of that,there sales have been going through the roof and they have been going as a company for 20 years. If they said we need money to expand and open stores in North America then maybe yes I would invest more money.

I got that update, but I can’t register for the webinar. it wont accept my email address, despite it being the same email address that they sent the invitation to!

Vote upto 22nd may on the funding round.
Pleased we are moving on.
I will continue to fund in the future but only small amounts. I am doing to well on the stockmarket and am well on the way to meet my long term plan.

Nova was crowdfunding on Crowdcube in Dec 2019. They sent more or less regular updates in 2020 and 2021. Radio silence from July 2021 onwards. The guy who sent the updates apparently does not work for the company anymore, which happens.

What’s odd is that since March 2023 when they started to advertise opportunities to invest in their fund. Not the best attempt at resuming investor comms…

I got a reply from them recently. Definitely some issues after The Times article…will nudge them again.

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Positive update from chip this afternoon


Nova sent an update today. Not amazing but also not yet the end of the road…


I told you all Chip leadership is second to none and will win the battle against Plum & Emma

Small robot company update

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hi evcar thank you for the link

Read the below LinkedIn post and wanted to share about What3words and their “£119m BURNT TO GENERATE £2.5m IN REVENUE”

What3words: A Case Study on the Absurdity of the Tech Market.

A company taking advantage of crowd investors?


Small robot company

investor webinar

Join CEO and Co-founder Ben Scott-Robinson for a business and funding update. A lot has been happening here at Small Robot Co. We want to share our progress and answer all of your questions

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Anyone invested in Rebel Energy will be pleased to know they are paying out a special dividend of £0.23 per share this month. First time me experiencing an unlisted company paying out a divided :fire:


Life Length paid a dividend as well last year in September.

Maybe, but it’s incredibly innovative and a necessary direction location services need to move. Monetisation will be interesting.

Emergency services are starting to use - slowly it will be backed into everything and become the natural go to option.

It’s a pipe dream, but this type of service is essential for when drone deliveries becomes a thing or more conventionally, delivery to non residential locations.

Firstly penetration, then when it becomes essential, subscription models for businesses will kick in.