Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Hi all

We do plan to do this.

There is a lot on the backlog and some very exciting work in progress, so it’s something that’ll take a while longer.


Hire more staff?

Also, whilst im here, anyone know why petrobras (pbr.a) div payment date has disapeared and yet the ex div date is still same? Im using stock events app to track my few dividend forcasts.


Its still showing 2 payments 28 dec and 1 on 28 jan

Just received Dividend for SEQI.L and notice the amount of dividend per share is different in the email notification compared to the in-app figure.

The in-app figure is correct.

Please can matching accurate, non rounded/truncated information be provided across all channels (email, app, notification)?

Please, please, please can the stock ticker be added to all email/in-app/notification messages.

Have to add, the variation was minor and the amount actually paid was correct but this is “poor quality control” allowing different data to be produced in two places for the same thing.

“One version of the truth” principle?

Credit where its due as I’ve been critical before on slowness of dividends hitting my account, but things definitely seem to have improved over the last few weeks so thanks to those that have helped improve this.


Tesco dividend paid on due date yesterday good to see that annoyance of slow payments seems to be a thing of the past.