Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Hire more staff?

Also, whilst im here, anyone know why petrobras (pbr.a) div payment date has disapeared and yet the ex div date is still same? Im using stock events app to track my few dividend forcasts.


Its still showing 2 payments 28 dec and 1 on 28 jan

Just received Dividend for SEQI.L and notice the amount of dividend per share is different in the email notification compared to the in-app figure.

The in-app figure is correct.

Please can matching accurate, non rounded/truncated information be provided across all channels (email, app, notification)?

Please, please, please can the stock ticker be added to all email/in-app/notification messages.


Have to add, the variation was minor and the amount actually paid was correct but this is “poor quality control” allowing different data to be produced in two places for the same thing.

“One version of the truth” principle?

Credit where its due as I’ve been critical before on slowness of dividends hitting my account, but things definitely seem to have improved over the last few weeks so thanks to those that have helped improve this.


Tesco dividend paid on due date yesterday good to see that annoyance of slow payments seems to be a thing of the past.


My recent ones with Freetrade have been fine.

However, got this from HL, re my CTY dividend:

Are any of you excited?

In September I did £93 in the calendar month. That sure did make my tail swish

I wonder what I will get in Dec?


Hmmm… I don’t actually have many for December. Think I only have Gladstone Capital and a couple of Vanguard paying ETFs.

Edit: Do have a few shares in Intel which is 1st Dec which am waiting on, so there is that as well.

Goodbye 2022… Hello 2023!
Since 2022 is over, I wanted to perform a review of my dividend journey. I have compiled the data of all my dividends so far and shared the graphs with you. 2022 was not a great year for my portfolio, ending with a nasty 32% value loss, with some companies losing over 90% of the value, but at least my dividends are growing y/y.
For context, my portfolio doesn’t have just dividend stocks, is valued around £35k as per today, and I have been adding around £300 per month with some top ups were and there. All my dividends are put back to my portfolio. This year I bought my first property, so I will reduce my contributions for 2023 in a attempt to save for some needed renovations. Below are my updated stats:

Since I have started investing in 2019, I have received £1,052.24 in dividends.

I managed to increase my dividends by 44.49% compared to 2021.
My goal for 2023 is to grow the dividend income by at least 30% compared to 2022 (around £800 in total)

September is the month for dividends, which is good to offset the money spent on holidays :sweat_smile:

These are the companies that paid me dividends in 2022. The red lines are the ones that I have sold.

I hope that you find this useful, and keep you motivated to invest in 2023. Share your journey too! :wink:


nice one. Checkout WQDV and EQDV too. They are subset of MSCI World and MSCI Europe with additional filter of quality factor such as low leverage, above average dividend, and growing dividend.

The benchmark is MSCI World High Dividend Yield ESG Reduced Carbon Target Select Index and MSCI Europe High Dividend Yield ESG Reduced Carbon Target Select Index.

The index also filters by

  • Dividend sustainability screening
  • Dividend persistence screening
  • Quality screening
  • Price performance screening

Source from:

This will save you time, or may even inspire to pick a stock from their list.

Happy dividend harvesting.

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Good stuff mate! Will post mine shortly

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Inspired by the depth of @ItSecTrader review up top. Here is mine.

Dividends per month showed a nice increase in 2022.

2020 = £44.99.
2021 = £227.90 (406.56% increase).
2022 = £728.69 (219.74% increase).

Average deposit was around £550 per month. I too bought my first house so had to cash out ~£5,000 of my portfolio. The total portfolio now sits at ~£22,000 and is primarily dividend focused.

My portfolio was more resilient than the wider market. My time-weighted rate of return was -0.54% for 2022 vs the FTSE All World (VWRL) which was -8.44%.

Goals for 2023.

  • £30,000 portfolio.
  • £1,000 in dividends.
  • 20% of dividends reinvested into cyber security.

Look forward to seeing everyone’s progress this year :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing data! Well done getting those high dividend increases. Congratulations on your new house and dividend returns :wink:
Looking forward to see your 2023 results !!!


Nice work

Hope it’s in an ISA, or at you least plan to move to an ISA. Dividend tax allowance goes down to £1000 in April. It’s getting easier to hit the limit!

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Absolutely! I opened a stocks and shares ISA with Freetrade in January 2020 :slight_smile: The data above is from the stocks and shares ISA. Phew :joy:

I did this as I realised it would cost me in the short term but have huge financial benefits in the long term :slight_smile:


I made £2957 in dividends last year, just missed making £3K. I would have been over the old allowance, I needed the ISA


I only started focusing on dividends a few months ago. 2022 totalled £9 haha. Not sure if i can spare much to keep investing but hopefully hy reinvesting the dividends it’ll still grow :sweat_smile:


Every little helps! Let it snowball :smiley:


Little by little the compound effect will be noticeable. Just don’t get caught on some of the traps of dividend investing, where you are putting money on stock and getting dividends, but the value of the stock is decreasing over time offsetting the value of the dividends. :slight_smile: