Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Yeah. Something going on. Mine is just blank.

This keeps dropping in/out. Can you take a look please

What apps do you guys use to track dividends?

I need much better visibility of the dividend calendars, latest announced dividends and possibly other related metrics. Trading apps are notoriously rubbish at this, and FT is not different IMHO.


Just for dividend notifications, I use DividendMax: DividendMax - notifications, declarations, forecasts and tools for UK private investors

You can open a free account and just add your investments to Notifications and you’ll get an email whenever a dividend has been declared. Easy to update too, eg if you sell or want to add to your stocks.


UK top dividend stocks

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Stock Events.


According to Stock Events, I’m altready on £100 dividends per month (average). I’ll have to wait for all my new quarterly payers to go ex-div to actually see it. Yes!


Nice I also just cracked the £100 per month average with the release of the RIO and HSBA divs. So far I’m forecasting to get £1204 if I don’t buy anything else and £1210 for next year assuming the dividends stay the same. I tend to see ~ 2% growth from my monthly investment, so currently I’m forecasting that in 2025 I would be on track to get £1475. I’ll set my goal to be £1500 and see if I can make it. So far my trackord will be £806 year 1, £986 year 2, hopefully ~£1300 year 3 and breaking £1500 year 4. I’ll update when the final year end results come in December.


The interesting thing is that SE shows me a forecast of £1,207 for 2024 using stocks for a total value of just 16,211

That’s a nice 7.4% yield.

Not sure about my projected income for 2024 but end of last year, I was at 6.1% yield.

I’m happy just to keep it above 5%, which seems sustainable.


If FT launches an Lisa before I turn 40, I wouldn’t mind starting a separate income pot for retirement.

I like the idea of combining a bunch of trusts such as NAIT, CTY, HFEL etc at near-real world weightings.

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7.4% of the part of the portfolio allocated to high income stocks. much less for the whole portfolio.

I don’t think I’m getting the balance right at all. It would make more sense to re-purpose a far larger chunk of the portfolio (if not all) to capital accumulation on steroids for at least 10 years.

There’s no right or wrong, just what you are comfortable doing, though some would argue that growth, not income is the way to go.

If you’re still accumulating, perhaps with your next investments, go for growth and build that side up.

Most of my portfolio is in growth, I don’t intend to let the income side be more than 30% of the total.

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Yep, the adjustments are coming :).
Some of the high income stocks have potential for a significant appreciation , so I’m not rushing the transition and keeping an open mind. The earning season is definitely helping.

It seems a reasonable allocation to me. With 10 years to go, you may even want to raise it – especially as you get closer to accessing it.

I worry that a lot of young investors seem to go all in on dividends these days despite having decades to go before drawing any income.

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7.4% yield is pretty nice still. That will double and redouble every 9 yrs…so reinvesting high yield creates its own growth and will likely be more predictable and less stressful than trying to pick specific horses and hoping they win…

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