MEGATHREAD: European expansion 🇪🇺

Switzerland is a good choice. I live in UK at the moment and I plan to leave however I would like to keep my freetrade account and it’s important to me to continue using freetrade if there is the chance to have in my new country.



I don’t know who flagged your post, it wasn’t me, but they’re unlike to admit doing so given it would only start an argument.

The community guidelines can be found at the top of the forum. I would hazard a guess that 5 & 6 might be a reason for the flag. Also you’re last post is getting close to numbers 1,2 & 7.

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With respect, you’ve been here for 3 days and posted 5 times with no a ‘welcome’ message and potentially could have breached 5 community rules. I suspect you’ve accidentally outed yourself as someone with multiple accounts. Why someone would need more than one account could suggest a history of being banned.

To paraphrase a famous quote “Never argue with someone on the internet, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”


Juno, I think it’s time for a new hobby. This Freetrade forum must be such a drain on your energy. The arguing isn’t going to validate anything for you. Put your energy elsewhere!


I honestly didn’t now it was you, again … :wave:t2: @Itsmeagain / @bionicman / @babyimback and now @AstonMartin plus many more I’m sure.

After so many bans is there nothing better you could do with your time? You can’t be getting anything positive from all of this. You’re going to be banned again because you keep breaking the rules -

  1. … and avoid registering multiple user accounts to push your viewpoint, especially after your account got suspended.

Edit - Also @Nowyouseeme


Can we get an update on this :slight_smile:


On what?

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the european expansion


The updated T’s&C’s would suggest they’re getting close to beta testing.

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  1. Will the “Free Share” promotional sign up thingy work across countries.?
  2. Can we add Hungary to the 3rd-4th Wave of the roll out.?

I am still waiting :wink:



Hungary wasn’t on the map in the last pitch deck. But neither was there much talk of Japan and they’ve launched a waiting list


I forgot about that slide. Would be immense to get something from any of the freetrade team.


Freetrade take my money :dollar::dollar::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Haven’t they already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve seen the French :fr: language option before but isn’t German :de: new?

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IIRC it’s been around for a few months, leading to nowhere.


Japan on the website as Country options :star_struck:


Nice arrow to highlight Japan!


Let’s not forget Robinhood had a U.K. waitlist…