MEGATHREAD: European expansion 🇪🇺

Yes, but there’s nothing close to an ISA-like structured account in most of the EU countries, so they would require your investment to adhere to their tax policies. Also, you can’t apply within tax jurisdiction transfer example to this case (i.e. changing brokers in UK) when you want to move your investment to a completely different economic area (i.e. EU). UK institutions have no way of figuring out whether you decide to spend your money once you move them outside their jurisdiction, thus, in fact, they require tax settlement in most cases. Everyone should do their own research tho. As I have dual citizenship I have been researching this extensively for myself recently.


If only there was some sort of agreement between european countries for situations like this. @boris


If you move abroad you can keep your ISA in the UK. You do not need to close it. In fact, it would be a mistake to close it as you would lose the tax free wrapper. You will not be able to contribute to it, but all dividends and capital gains will be free of tax even when you are not any more a UK resident for tax purposes.

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That’s not fully accurate. You need to tell the country where you reside about the capital gains and have them taxed there. Your suggestion would generally be considered tax fraud.

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So now you are saying that every country and person has different rules and circumstances but before you had said that people don’t have to care about taxation within their ISA at all and in any circumstance when living abroad?

You’re not only contradicting your above message, it’s definitely dangerous to say these things. People might believe your black/white view on taxation. However, mentioning that you could have tax liabilities is the exact opposite of that - which is what I’ve done.

Not to say anything about how rude you are, which is indeed unacceptable in a forum.

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I think you should remove this paragraph @Feddie ,I have to agree with Seb that it is rather rude :pray:

In the UK your statement can be considered libelous. Be careful.

I assume you did not click in the link I posted. It will enlighten you.

I did, but you don’t seem to understand the topic enough. And throwing ‘libellous’ around shows that you are not well equipped to discuss anything. Is that the new Trump-induced normal? So will leave it at that and not trigger you further with caution or facts.

My original post is simply informational and stated that it would be a mistake to think that you need to close your ISA if you are moving abroad. Perhaps you can read it one more time?

All the rest, your mentioning “Trump” and all, sounds totally out of place.

Accusing someone of promoting “tax fraud” with no way to back it up is offensive and rude.

Guys, let’s keep the tone civilised and positive here.

Thank you.


@sampoullain, you can’t leave a comment on THIS thread (of all threads) and not mention anything about the EU launch :sob::sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s probably not allowed to say anything yet. It’s not going to be announced in a reply to some random comment


I know, was just jesting :wink:


In Belgium there is no capital gains tax, only on dividends. So I would have no tax liabilities (of course I need to tell the IRS in Belgium that I have an account with Freetrade). The problem is if Freetrade wants to continue maintaining my account, even when it is just sitting there dormant until they open a branch in Belgium and move my account to their Belgian system.

Is it me or are these European stocks?!?!:eyes:


Euro stocks being added to the forum. Could be getting very close now!!


Its a sign!!!



They are all OTC listings, not the actual European listings. So this means freetrade does not support European exchanges yet.


Some of them seem to be, but the tickers being added are OTC ones.

Seems that Driveweath do now have some OTC securities, so possibly these are those that being added.


So it was just me then!:joy: