MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟

The first free share will be awarded within 7 days of funding the Freetrade account, and the second two free shares will be awarded within 30 days of funding the Freetrade account.

These are the terms. Has it been 7 days since funding £2?

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I signed up and funded £2 last Thursday. There’s nothing that says queued shares either.

Sounds like you should have one by now then. Maybe reach out to and ask them.

Cheers. Yeah, I have emailed yesteday. I did it all via my phone so maybe the link didn’t work properly even though it opened up the Play Store and I installed the app.

@SebReitz I got it sorted with customer support. I can see the 3 free trades pending now. :slight_smile:


The last time I put out a link for a free share was ages ago, opened my app this morning and found I have a free share pending. Turns out the person downloaded the app in January 2021 from my link, and has only just used it. Must have been all the adverts knocking about that jogged their memory.

Nice little surprise to have on a Monday. Now all I need is for it to be a nice big value share. I’ve had 31 free shares so far, most around the £3-£7 mark and one at £22, fingers crossed I get a big one (hint hint FT management):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You must be hoping for Tesla now!!!

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I wish. …:roll_eyes:

But I got KLX energy instead, a £3.40 share. But hey it’s up 5% since I got it, so maybe I got a winner. :thinking::grin:


To summarise the video: Man complaining about something that is free.


I agree that it’s not great that Freetrade might have changed the underlying probability distribution of the free shares to lower the average without giving some kind of hint or releasing a statement.
However, it’s not exactly lying and he uses very extreme words that shouldn’t be used imho.


His sample size of users is still pretty small when you consider we’ve added hundreds of thousand of new user in the last couple of months. Last one I got was £13.50 about a month ago

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Have they though? He doesn’t actually
show any stats before or after when he claims they changed it, just anecdotal feedback from other ‘influencers’ and a set of 200 referrals he claims to have done himself

Also - does this new rule about 10 free shares maximum a month not count for ‘influencers’ (just puked in my mouth saying it again)?


Surprise surprise a gurning youtuber makes a dramatic claim that is not true :rofl: Anything for those sweet clicks!!!

I don’t know how they are distributed, but if there are a fixed number of high value shares it makes sense that you are less likely to get one if 100,000 other people signed up that month


Near the end of the video he says he has earned over £24,000 in free shares :open_mouth:

For what it’s worth, I’ve receieved shares over £5, even over £15.

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Not really. It’s advertising for financial benefit from the company and advertising can be questioned if there seems to be discrepancies in the advertisement’s claims. Pretty standard stuff that’s been common practice for decades.

Sorry if there is a seperate forum for these types of questions but who do I talk to if i havent received my free shares, i have been on here over 2 months i believe.

Hi @Singh89

Drop a message with your sign-up details, it works pretty smoothly but isn’t bullet proof.

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Thankyou and when do I get my free share for joining?

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