MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟

Same question + are the shares already allocated to people or will they be reshuffled when the issue is resolved?

My wife just received this free share from my referral. She really loves me today, looks like it’s dinner AND a movie tonight. Thank you Freetrade.


Please don’t assume a) silence means happy customers b) try and weigh more expensive shares to those joining rather than existing customers or c) build in a bias for more valuable rewards to those who refer a lot.

Personally, I’m disappointed that I got a share for £1.30 - it’s disheartening to put so much effort in to refer someone if thats the end result - at the every least put in a floor price (£3-5) and treat everyone equally when allocating shares at random.


That’s a great idea, I just created an idea here for it which people can vote on!

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This is already being considered.

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In the same spirit, I’ll add that both I and the person I referred were disappointed to receive a free share worth under £2, especially as the copy had suggested a minimum of £3 at the time of the referral. It’s not a huge difference, but it did kill the buzz a bit!

The range of possible values certainly makes it a novel and exciting concept, but I think there comes a point where increasing the upper limit doesn’t add anything. I’d much rather there were a higher minimum than a higher maximum.


I think he’s saying don’t do that.

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Noted, thank you. We’re considering the floor in the future batches, based on this valuable feedback.


Yes, I am saying please DONT weigh the system to favour those who are able to refer more people. Please treat everyone equally - it’s not fair otherwise and I speak as a shareholder.


Why do you think it’s not fair @gt94sss2 ?

The link is a one use = one friend, not a spam referral link, so there is effort required to send the link to that person, to explain to them what Freetrade is all about, to answer questions etc.

I’m speaking as a shareholder too.


Just tossing my hat in here too, I was rather underwhelmed with my shares after investing the effort of showing it to my friends, walking them through the process of signing up and explaining Freetrade, only to get a £1.47 share. :slight_smile:


All 4 shares received


Thanks for the feedback.

That’s it for today. There is a technical issue that caused not everyone (or to be exact, every free share) to be in today’s batch. We will fix this ASAP. I’ll keep everyone posted.


Man, you’re killing me! Waiting since July 2nd :sweat_smile:

P.S. it’s ok really - this is exactly what testing is for!


I think that if £100+ shares are going to be on offer, then the minimum is going to need to be quite low to account for that?

Personally, I like that there’s a chance at getting something of a high value (was really pleased with my £133 free share), and I don’t mind getting lower valued shares a lot of the time. I wasn’t particularly disappointed with Domino’s.

I think the minimum value should be something like £1 though. I would be disappointed if I got a single Sirius Minerals share.


Already selected for development! We just discussed with the team this morning. :slight_smile:

Amazing how many free share screenshots we see in the wild.


It’s a FREE share people, I understand the terrible struggles that we have all had to actually explain to people we know about investing and the fact that you get something for FREE for doing it. Come on :joy:

Why not be happy you got something for FREE. Not like you had to put a shift in down t pit! (Unlike those sxx guys :smiley:)


Thanks for understanding! :pray: We just spotted this technical issue, and we’ll make sure everyone gets their free shares this week.


Could a referral link be attached to the post that the button makes? I’d be disappointed to find out that someone found out about Freetrade from a post that I’d make like this and then signed up without using my referral :rofl:

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