MEGATHREAD: Recurring orders (Beta) is here

Hey @JimmyJ and @kenny. We took the feedback on board and you will be able to set a recurring order from the available cash balance in your Freetrade account. We’re also working on Direct Debits which you will be able to set up to coincide with recurring orders, with a view to being able to link these in future as we work towards autopilot. :eyes:


Come on @Greig don’t be a tease, when is this dropping!? :slight_smile: also, will it be for all users or membership tier based? thanks.

Please say that you will also be able to ad hoc add money to a pie. Many people will not know how much each month they will put into FT so it will vary and the ability to change each month and then just add to the pie would be great.


You should pay money into your freetrade account and then let the money go into the pie. Simples!

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Is there any update on whether this will be available to basic subscription individuals?

I just tried to find an ideas thread on DRIP only for it to be closed / merged with autopilot, only to be closed / redirected here as ‘complete’ :sweat_smile:

I’m gonna have to make a new drip thread aren’t I



A little sneak peek at recurring orders, coming to your app soon.


Hi, when will this be available for use for UK users?

Hopefully some point this month

@Freetrade staff? any official reply of when this feature will be available for UK users?

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There’s a meetup led by the CTO Shahid on Thursday, hopefully there’s an announcement then :crossed_fingers:


This month May 2023

How do you know it’s 23rd

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Its 18th

Well it’s now the 22nd!

I’m really wanting this feature :slight_smile:




:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: tears in my eyes


If it’s here, how do we use it? is this for android? can’t see any option to make a pie!

Also is this for SIPPs?

Hey folks :wave:,

Pedro here one of the engineers working on our latest iteration of Recurring Orders. Love to see that you found our feature before our official announcement as we start our rollout. Check out this new thread for more info MEGATHREAD: Introducing recurring orders

@GDowsett19 as per your questions:

  • Once you have the feature (which we rolling out through this week and next) you will be able to set it up from your portfolio or directly through any instrument screen
  • As an android User myself I am glad to say that yes Android will be rolling out with iOS at the same time
  • Keep your eyes peeled during the next few days and it should be arriving with you soon
  • And yes this feature will be available for all account types, GIA, ISA, SIPP and even ISKs for our Swedish users