Merging Community with platform?

I know it’s a bit of an “out there” idea, but I think it would be quite cool if we were able to combine this community with the app in an intuitive way.

There’s some seriously good DD within the community here that I think amateur investors could really benefit from (and they don’t seem to be as prominent here). Obviously we would have the general warnings about any DD but I think it’s essential for the financial education of our members to understand what good DD looks like.

You could have a small button at the bottom of a stock’s page like “here’s what the community is saying about this stock” which would then open up a new prompt of some discussion/DD.

I think it would be really cool to be able to simultaneously and intuitively look at this forums’ sentiment towards stocks and promote good DD posts.

Just food for thought! No idea if it’s possible in practice but it sure as hell would make us stick out even more as a platform slight_smile:

We already do have the “here is what the community thinks” button in the app :+1: It is the purple join the discussion button below cost and charges.

I suggested linking the new stocks to the app here

And totally agree there are some really helpful people on this forum when it comes to advice :+1:

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Ah right, thanks for the heads up Gary. I’ve been offline from the community for a while so I must have missed this :sweat_smile:

But yes, I think it needs to be more intuitive and in housed on the platform. We could even perhaps prioritise DD posts in a structured way instead of just throwing people into the discussion.

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Totally agree :+1: I also suggested that we had a verified user tag which could also be linked if it was more integrated so we knew people were actually real investors and not bots/alts or just general s%$£stirrers :joy:

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