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I’m long Facebook because of Instagram mainly, but I think there’s a lot of potential in monetising WhatsApp.

Tencent (which I also hold) is far ahead in monetising messaging, they turned WeChat into a payments platform.


COVID-19 impact so far: messaging across Facebook’s platforms is up over 50 per cent, but they are talking “a weakening in our ads business” and it’s a similar story for Twitter and Alphabet.

I see so many investing YouTubers talk about Facebook at these price ranges and say it’s more or less “printing money” if you invest in it now and hold for 5 years.

I’ve never had it on my watchlist but at these valuations it’s definitely starting to look attractive, I still think there will be more downside and I may look to add a small portion into it. Even if you get a 2x over 5 years you can’t complain for sure, and that’s very realistic.


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Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to stock trading despite having investment experience. I have been checking Facebook’s stock lately and have been keen to dip in given I see them very well positioned on the nascent AR VR space.

I was looking at the “Insider transaction” section of Yahoo Finance and noticed that in the past year, the CEO (Zuck), the CFO and the General Counsel have all very regularly sold shares. The pace of it seems a bit curious (small batches every 7 days) which makes me cautious about investing now. After all, Facebook is in the eye of cyclone of the regulator and the next administration might take a stronger stance.
See for yourself:

What do you guys think? Can anyone more experienced in stock picking shed some light here (again I’m fairly new to this)?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Bitcoin ( 765.70B ) and Tesla ( 809.94B ) are now worth more than FB ( 755.61B ) :open_mouth:


Investors a clearly savvy to the fact that Tesla and Bitcoin are out of scope of the salvo of incoming antitrust proceedings against Facebook and friends…

But seriously, those valuations are absolutely bananas and points to considerable market dislocation camouflaged by loose (HAHA!) monetary policy.


Today will be announced the Earnings Release of Facebook.
Analysis & rating of BarChart: FB - Facebook Stock Analyst Ratings -

so are apple, snapchat, and many techies—many are working on AR. even microsoft. facebook is still an ad-money play where they compete with google and amazon --tis in their other revenue

facebook instagram’s competitor is now snapchat, tiktok, youtube. tiktok are growing too fast for facebook.

now they got this apple stuff

With the advent of iOS 14, Apple announced a new privacy-focused ad framework, SKAdNetwork . Unlike previously, apps would now be required to show the App Tracking Transparency(ATT) system prompt thereby giving users the final choice whether to “Allow” or “Ask App Not to Track”. This one dialog sent tremors in the whole mobile advertisement industry as IDFA was rendered useless. If a user selects “Ask App Not to Track”, the SKAdNetwork would only send generic user information to the advertiser.

i hope facebook win. just kidding.

Facebook being clowns in Australia.

The proposed Australian media law is bullshit. It’s fucking egregious that anyone has to pay for sharing links, Google giving the Murdoch empire money (which they have agreed to) makes the world a worse place. Will Discourse have to raise their prices so I can post news links here?

But blocking government health info in the middle of a pandemic will just turn every day users and the rest of parliament against you.


Out now on YouTube!

In this video I analyse Facebook’s stock ($FB) using fundamental analysis. Is Facebook stock a buy? I explain why I think Facebook could be worth at least $400 per share.

I go through Facebook’s business summary & sales breakdown to get an understanding of the business. After this, I go through my analysis checklist and then value Facebook stock using the discounted free cashflow method.

The Investors Podcast Episode 355 explains how Facebook is an asset light, money printing machine with some moonshot R&D that is potentially undervalued.

Facebook allocated over $18 billion equal to 21% of its fiscal year 2020 revenue towards R&D spending. They’re also working in areas of AR/VR, AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, data science, computer vision, machine learning, cyber security, natural language processing, and more.

I recommended that anyone interested in Facebook stock should listen to this episode as it is full of golden nuggets.

Please let me know your thoughts on the video and give a like and a comment if you enjoy it!

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The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority seriously believe Facebook could monopolise GIFs. Your taxes, hard at work.

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Thoughts on the new Facebook x Ray Bans?


What are these?? Built in Facebook? :upside_down_face:

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More vaporware.


VaporWear :sunglasses: