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Google Glass didn’t exactly set the world on fire. The privacy of non users was a serious concern at the time. It would be even more so with these (awful looking) things…


Agreed, and I imagine some people using them in a pervy way which will soon bring bad PR. What’s the fascination of publishing everything in your life for some people? A sad sad state humans are in.

I feel like a product like this is just R&D like “just get something out there”. Then they will learn from it and be able to develop a better product ix future and see what works well with people.

They’re probably not trying to make massive revenue with this, just covering their costs and if 1,000 x people buy it then they can get some good data.

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Quite disappointed with this

They should have built in AR capability

There is no way this is worth the same amount as oculus rift 2

Snap spectacles came way before and have kind of flopped so what is the point?

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They know what they’re doing and they don’t care.

Like the worst aspects oil & tobacco but aimed at teenagers.

  • A 2019 presentation slide said: “We make body-image issues worse for one in three teenage girls”

Sometime you double take, no that is an actual headline.


The product looks like a mental health version of tobacco.


That’s why we love the stock

Edit: just read a bit of the article, don’t agree with that!


One reason I won’t use FB and InstaGram :wink:

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I was making a joke. For an investor with no regard for ethics, this is a good thing. But, reading the article, it seems pretty messed up but not that surprising.

I’m holding my shares anyway, I don’t invest “ethically” but for gains.


I read your post again and realized what you wrote, and realise I agree :slight_smile:

I have amended my earlier reply.


In good conscience I cannot slam FB while owning their stock so don’t. It’s almost a pastime for me but sometimes they make it too easy!

I’m sure people got rich off Purdue Pharma & Philip Morris but I’ll find out ways of building wealth.


I can sit smug not having shares or an FB account of any sort :joy: Apart from the ethical issues, the only only reason I didn’t invest is because I see it one day collapsing like Friends reunited. It may be slower as it is so big but I think the dominant position will end sooner or later. Just plenty of better shares to buy in my opinion.

Facebook isn’t “” though, it’s a corporation with many different diversified products: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, oculus.

Found an article from 2019, Instagram is 30% of its revenues, I would image is around 50% and probably decreasing over time as they diversify with newer products. I’m investing in the company, not the product.

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Satire is impossible when write it themselves!

“Facebook is struggling with “global teen penetration”

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One thing that I read about Facebook that stuck with me is they always push it too far with privacy concerns, then when they receive the backlash they push it back a little bit, but still make progress. That’s how they progress.

2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Until ethics become more important in business, the fewer ethics a company has, the more competitive they advantage they have in business.

Still holding my one share:


Facebook, IG, WhatsApp and Messenger down for over an hour and the stock is down 6% today.


Ads platform is down too

Oculus as well :sweat_smile:

Can the games be played offline when the service is down?