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Expectations for earnings?

Data salaries at FAANG companies in 2022 | by Mikkel Dengsøe | Apr, 2022 | Medium

Up about 13% after hours.

It crashed to $169 early today due to a news blip.

Facebook has been buying back shares as well, $9.39bn in the first quarter. They had $29.41bn authorised.

Good write up on their recent earnings

Changing of the guard at the top of Facebook. With the departure of Sandberg from an operations role there has to be lots of ‘insiders’ sniffing around. Just the right time or a vote against The Zuckaverse?

licks eyes Never bet against Lord Zuck :lizard: ssss

You know, it’s almost like Facebook aren’t a creative company and have gotten good at copying peoples home work bit making better (sort of)

they don’t seem to be doing so well on the hardware side at the moment:

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I’ve said it before and say it again, Portal was a rare great product from Meta but it showed how little people wanted to extend their relationship with Facebook. This is their biggest issue with Zuckaverse, no matter how good it is it might lack adoption.

Facebook got an early mover advantage and executed fantastically, since then they’ve only really iterated and acquired.


Do you guys think META is a value trap?

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I’m actually trying to cost average my way out of Meta right now. I think it has to many irons in the fire and not enough focus.


This stock will either make you a lot of money or lose you a lot of money. Lets see what happens.

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Well I managed to sell off today at no loss which was my objective. I now have some free cash to go bargain hunting with.
I think my time with Meta is done for now at least.


Some at least see value in Meta.

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Interesting, I’ve been doing the exact opposite. Imo people really seem to underestimate meta and how much it is entrenched in people’s lives. Chances are nearly everyone reading this is using one of their services for communication.

Bar iMessage and email, meta has more or less a monopoly on online messaging.


A large percentage of people who use a meta product don’t really want to, I’d ditch WhatsApp overnight if I had the option and many people who use Facebook would rather they didn’t.

Stock is priced based on future revenue and these will come under serious pressure. Advertising is ~96% of their income and in a recessionary environment, companies will spend substantially less in this field. They’ve committed $10bn (a rising) to the Zuckaverse after firing the guru of all things VR (Palmer Lucky).

They’ve never developed an in-house top-tier product, they could even make Facebook messenger ubiquitous despite being in billions of people’s pockets.

I don’t make predictions on the price as that’s a fool’s game but I feel confident in saying that in a few years Facebook will not be the omnipresent force it was a few years ago.


I disagree. Still think Meta will do well. They haven’t monetised Whatsapp at all and they still have lots of room to grow on a revenue per user basis. Instagram and Whatsapp are massive MOATS. Facebook is still appealing to boomers and younger folks in developing countries. Been a buyer sub $200 but I really like it under $170. Only thing I’d buy more if it dropped is GOOGL, I think their moat is larger and controversy surrounding them is much less than Meta.

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How would they monetise an app they only brought to castrate? Once the EU force iMessage and Android message to be compatible WhatsApp looses the group moat.

Instagram is still great.

If Mark thought the business was as good as you do wouldn’t be spending $10bn (20% of their EBITA) increasing every year on Zuckaverse.