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Nothing quells fears about financial health quite like an emergency injection of funds :thinking:


That quelling is going well then

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Does metro not have online banking? Couldn’t these people just do an online withdrawal to another bank if they were that worried?

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They can’t allow everyone to withdraw funds by any means or they’ll run out of money and collapse. If they put restrictions on withdrawals it will make people think they’re about to run out of money.

No idea where they go from here but they need to reassure customers very quickly to have any chance of surviving

Yeah. Funnily enough, most people’s money is safe anyway due to the £85k fscs.

The ones who actually need to worry are the investors!

I business bank with them. I transferred some money into another account just to be safe. Up to £85K is FSCS protected.

The replies to that that Tweet are interesting. The BBC, the Mirror, and Mail Online have asked for permission to use the photo. Others are claiming it’s a picture from a branch opening.

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I am gonna buy some shares when it drops lower coz well… it’ll pick up right? :eyes:

Unless it goes under

They seem to have confirmed that it was taken on the day, a classic “nothing to see here” comment :laughing:


I agree they are one to watch now. If they survive this and can find the reserve capital necessary without taking on too much debt, they could be a bargain.

Although, the whole reason they are in this mess is their poor accounting skills, which is very worrying for a bank.

There’s a lot of fake news on Metro Bank. Even though I took a loss and sold last week. It’s worrying because Metro is a “challenger bank”. So if this struggles, then other challenger banks might be thrown in the same boat.




I went past Metrobank Liverpool Street and the other Metrobank near the Moorgate at lunchtime. I don’t see panic, just another normal banking day. lmao!

Meanwhile I’m opening a business starling account as soon as I can via it’s app.

Ali Pirbhai, the bank’s regional director, said some customers were returning to redeposit items they had withdrawn the day before.

from the Metro Bank shares fall as it reaffirms capital raising post.

Besides wondering how many is “some”, where did these customers keep the funds between withdrawing and depositing :thinking:

Under their beds maybe


There is a reason it is so cheap. If it does not find cash to sustain its liabilities, it will go bankrupt. Risky but you decide :wink:


I’d say too risky. The best time to buy cheap shares is when you think the business is really solid but is being undervalued by the market on a temporary basis, not because they crash due to genuine concerns about whether the business will survive.

I’m not at all convinced that Metro has any unique quality that will let it thrive in a crowded UK retail banking marketplace, and if anything they’ve gone in completely the wrong direction with branches etc IMO. At best they will limp along slowly losing market share to smaller startups with a lower cost base and established banks with branches, at worst they will go bust.