MGC Pharmaceuticals (MXC) - Share Chat

Listing on LSE scheduled to take place on Tuesday 9th February.

Set to become the first medicinal cannabis company to list on the London Stock Exchange.

EU based ‘Seed to Pharmacy’ bio-pharma company focused on developing and commercializing cannabinoid derived medicines products for the global growing demands.


any update on adding?


got my vote! seems interesting, unlike Beckham’s CBD fragrance company


Hi can we have this stock please added many thanks waiting eagrley



MGC popped up on the app this morning. Was about to sell off some other stock so I could invest, but then MGC had disappeared. I had saved on my watchlist too? Vanished from FT!

Hopefully just a bug and will be able to buy later. Still a bit annoying though!

@AbelMagwitch this is now live, fixed a small issue on it.


Oh man, it’s rejecting all my offers. Been waiting for this to come on FT since floating and when it does I get rejected. All the shares been bought out?

Mine went through smoothly, albeit a small order. You might be trying this already, but you could try ordering small chunks if it is a large sum


Yeah I tried small ones initially who knows what that was about. It’s all gone through now though so happy days!

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Bought in because of FOMO :grin:


Same here

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Hi, what’s the deal with KNB? I’ve had 2 orders rejected thanks

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Hi, sorry about this. Working on it to get it live tomorrow.

Is this good investment I wonder

Wait for the dip, be patient.

Wait for it to dip to buy? Sorry I’m new just asking

It is a moving target based on many factors and individual’s conviction. It is still high today. Look for the progress on the build of the Malta factory in Spring and the clinical trial on CannEpil. The current price could be CHEAP!


Is this a good entry? Could some one share any discussion points they might have please?

Happy to wait for six months to cash out.

Up by another 70% today. I wonder if it’ll hit 100%…

Will this price stick?

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