MGC Pharmaceuticals ✌🏽 (MXC) - Share Chat

Would be good to know, I’ve been researching but haven’t found anything online

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Join the MGC telegram chat all the latest news and information is posted on here

Is it trustworthy?

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I would only add a word of caution. Be careful of falling into an echo chamber with no dissenting voices, some people might try a good ole fashioned pump and dump.

Disclaimer - It could be like the last days of Rome in there, I have no idea.


A lot of smoke being blown up asses !


I prefer using this forum… hopefully people will take information they gather from other places and it can be gathered here :-). I follow the company on LinkedIn which give lots of updates too. Just curious about forecasts, but it’s probably too early to tell yet I imagine.


They are a little bit over the top but they’ve got millions of shares between them so you can’t blame them.

Either way you can’t ignore the facts. Mgc owner stating they’re undervalued, share price at the moment only being equal to one part of their business that has only just started (he believes)

Potential India sales of hundreds of millions not in their forecasts as of yet (he believes)

25m from America is only a minimum.

Huge growth potential in American and EU markets.

Potential Canada announcement at any point.

All things have a risk, which is why I won’t go all in on this.

Looking good though.

As a network it’s quite horrid you’ll got mithered from people to invest in crypto coin to hook ups with girls that are scammers and drugs groups!

That’s why I came off it!

And I didn’t get scammed from anyone for the record :grin::grin::grin:


Yeah like everything with shares take it as a pinch of salt a lot of people will tell you they have so and so shares and are holding to make you feel confident to buy in.

Then of course when it pushes right up they sell then come out with lines like ahh yeah I sold I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then buy back in again to make money.


They’re just generally interested and enjoy speaking about shares and the stock they bought and are hopeful others feel the same way.

Bitcoin is a prime example of ads everywhere, fake news, scare mongering, to drive prices up for big sell offs from the whales.


Thanks for your advice, I will basically use along with other sources.
Shame people have to ruin what could be a good thing.

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Hit the glass ceiling again of 3.5p and fell straight off it. I believe in the stock and hold a fair amount (by my standards) which I am adding to as the price bounces around in the 3.4p range.

A few announcements of sales orders, authorisation somewhere else etc and I think this will start to move up. Not sure how long that will be, maybe weeks or months, but am hopeful to beooking good by Christmas.


Fingers crossed that prices rise, can’t seem to find any predictions anywhere :thinking:.

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It’s a start up with limited financial history. You won’t find any predictions for at least another year at a guess?


At least this thread isn’t full of people calling each other apes and shouting about going to the moon!


Canaccord Gen has an 8p ‘Speculative Buy’ rating on it, as of 2nd Sep 21.

Can’t find the broker note but google it or see here:


Ooooo intriguing thank you

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Very interesting thank you

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I thought that might possibly be the reason why, thanks

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Give it time somebody will :rofl::rofl::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:

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Ok which one has made a fake company and a estimated price called “canaccord gen” on here :rofl::rofl::rofl:

:thinking::+1:t2: Don’t know where that has come from
Though :flushed: