MGC Pharmaceuticals (MXC) - Share Chat

Thank you so
Much for your help much appreciated. I really enjoying reading and looking into this further


Thanks for that explanation. It’s very helpful for a newbie to investing.

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No problem at all.

I’m very new myself (only started at the start of Feb). Just passing on what I’ve learnt myself sinse then :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Could you please tell me how and where to check the yahoo bid/ask price. I use yahoo finance but when i buy on freetrade the price is different than on yahoo finance. I think im missing something. Thank you

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Freetrade prices are 15 minutes delayed, UK prices are also 15 minutes delayed on yahoo.

For more accurate close to real time prices use Google finance. Bear in mind most sites list UK stock prices in pence (GBX) rather than pounds.


Thats great. Thanks so much

What’s peoples opinions on this trade ? Buy sell hold ?

I bought, then sold half when I was up 100% and am holding the rest.


Hoping that in the next few years medicinal weed becomes the norm for the UK and maybe even recreational legislation.

If this does happen, any uk weed stock, even if its only temporary, should rise, best to get in now while it’s cheap.

You could buy 100 shares for around this price dirt cheap, wait till it heats 100 a share and you’ll have 10k… But that’s a huge hope :joy:

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Do you think it will make it past £1 this year ?

Who can say. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s far off.

Noone will know for sure. Look at lloyds stocks. It’s less that £1 and that’s one of the major banks in the UK. Irkl be a guess at best.

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As the saying goes “Don’t judge a stock by its share price.”

Company A can be 10 times larger than Company B, and both companies have a share price of £10.

The share price is simply a function of a company’s market capitalization and shares of stock.


Got a 1000 in kanabo @ 1900 and 500 in MGC @ 0.0594 + 600 in Argo @ 1.12 and holding all… any more stocks people would recommend please?

APHA and CRON worth look


I’ve got a few shares at 3.93 if I invest more and my average goes up is it worth investing or staying at 32600 shares many thanks

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That’s completely upto you and what you want to do.

Personally I only have 106 shares, and if I had the money spare I’d be putting on a lot more on this stock.

But if you’re already at 32.6k shares, then you’re already pretty invested. The choice is yours on whether you want to keep investing or not.

Makes sense to buy in the dips, but again, we can’t tell you what to do with your money



I got in Solgold… they’re doing pretty good at the moment

Any news?

This one might have potential and I was looking at peer valuations so thought I’d share.

GW Pharmaceuticals the only other pure play cannabinoid drug developer with revenue afaik, and is being acquired at a 12x multiple.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals is pre revenue with an estimated TAM of ~$1.2bn and $140m MC.

180 Life Sciences is pre revenue with a TAM of at least 22m and $80m MC.

For comparison MGC trades at $165m and has a TAM of 2.9m+ which is expected to be worth $42bn by 2023. It’s also growing revenue quickly and is more diversified than GWPH, but looks like that is priced in with a multiple of around 32 times expected 2021 revenue. Between 2014-2017 GWPH traded at a multiple range of 45-340.