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Dodger your a big player

Don’t get to carried away! It could be years from seeing true potential? Or you just want a quick Β£200 profit :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I wish! I held on at 7. Still holding lol

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Glad I sold, I’ll be back in 6 months after I’ve put my money to work.

Think I’m pulling out this is not publicity I want to hear

The upcoming MCAP products do not meet this standard for epilepsy patients, he said, but the market approval of a newly licensed CBD-based medicine, Epidiolex, would solve this problem.

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Wow :pleading_face: is that why there’s a drop? With that news

Did you not by in more :))))

No I haven’t but will see if goes lower I not know yet based on trial info IF not working :thinking:

I bought in some more now I lost my sexy 0.211 average 0.220 now

That is just from Ireland maybe the USA contracts can bounce it back will be keeping eye on this week glad I only got 2k shares at 3.2avg

Is more news expected this week?

And just like that, we know to never take anything Mark says seriously ever again…

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Anybody still buying these shares


I’m on hold at moment with 2k shares waiting to see what happens with phase 3 trials on cimetra

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Of course. 85 000 at the moment. Probably lying hold off buying more until something happens

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Definitely sticking with holding on this and see what happens in new year.

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The stock gave us the finger today. :laughing:


Got 11 000 shares. Not sure wether to buy more or go Kanabo? Mmmm