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Todd Howard has confirmed Zenimax games will remain multiplatform.

I like it, really surprised Microsoft is tanking. It’s arguably one of the strongest companies with huuuuge moat.

Well, then it’s useless. There’s no real reason to buy an Xbox since PS has all the good exclusives.

Microsoft is going down because everything is going down today. it’s down less than the s&p 500 as a whole

It looks like there’s no way Microsoft can buy TikTok.

Yuno I hope Freetrade update the Microsoft Icon to have White Background - I never like Brown Colour Background it has on the Logo

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Did some quick analysis on the earnings from yesterday and they really are stellar. Slides can be found here:

Highlights include:

  • Revenue up 12% with ‘Intelligent cloud’ up 20%
  • Gross margin had small 2bps improvement
  • Net Margin had a stellar 4bps improvement
  • Net Income rose 30% to 13.9B
  • EPS rose 32% to $1.82 (Dividend of 0.56 for comparison)
  • Commercial cloud gross margin continues to see QoQ improvement
  • $9.5B returned to shareholders - an increase 21% YoY
  • Cash flow increase 40% YoY to over $14.B, with Free Cash Flow growing at 3%
  • Windows Revenue continues to see slow & steady revenue decline. However there is still continued growth on the consumer side of this business
  • Gaming revenue up 22%
  • Search Advertising revenue saw a (shock!?) decline of 10% (interesting to compare this with Google)

Overall some excellent results. I’ll be doubling down :slight_smile:

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Looks like Microsoft is going for a partnership with Cruise. They seem to be going to great lengths to acquire big cloud customers recently - I guess they really need to sustain big growth in Azure.

The $30bn valuation is interesting, it puts them very close to Waymo which suggests the two leaders in autonomous driving are neck and neck.

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The future is cloud for Microsoft, at least in the services business. everyhting enterprise for Microsoft now has a cloud option, and in many cases a compelling USP over the maintain it yourself options.

One click deployments of end devices via autopilot is simply luxury. They’re also looking to greatly improve their security and SIEM options. It’s not surprising their pushing their general purpose and compute cloud options.

I like it


This will be interesting. However what percentage of revenue is hardware vs service.

Most hardware sales fall into the Personal Computing segment, although this segment includes a lot of things. Ignoring that and looking at it overall the three segments are very close in terms revenue

And to focus on Surface, sales have been increasing and in Q1 2021 revenue was $1,553 million.

Today I learnt something ! Thank you! I’m pro Microsoft! I hope the processor attack is a success! It’s going to be difficult! But if anyone can do it Microsoft can with its work force and resources

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Today is the announcement of Microsoft’s earnings…and therefore the announcement of the amount of dividends paid.


Blowaway quarter form Microsoft again…wasn’t really anything to be negative about. Notable that recent share buybacks have made a noticeable impact on EPS

Full presentation for anybody who is interested.
MSFT Q2 2021 Presentation.pdf (2.1 MB)


Microsoft forecasts AR/VR market size: $6.1 billion in 2020, $34.3 billion in 2025.

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That’s nothing though, split it between Valve, FB, Google and Microsoft and it’s not even 5% of their price

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Microsoft Announces Significant Investments to Further Canadian Innovation and Growth