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There seems to be a split personality with these companies. On the one hand it’s apparently the next big thing. On the other, I guarantee it will destroy peoples lives somehow.

Unnecessary for a browser, but i doubt it’ll make a blip in the share price either way


From a shareholder’s perspective, I don’t have any way of evaluating whether this will be good or bad for business, without knowing all the details. I do know however that as a general statement, I like it when companies innovate and try new things and I have the assumption that a company such as Microsoft has done the significant due diligence on this.

Bit of a cop-out answer, but that’s how I think of it. This is more of a foray into the consumer-sphere, whereas I see them more as a business-facing company so it will be interesting to see how this goes. It feels like something that will exist in the future, payment systems integrated into browsers, so they may have a benefit if they get there first.


I’m not a huge fan of BNPL or financing items as I prefer the delayed gratification of saving to buy it. That said this insist will be regulated much more tightly in the coming years and hopefully these protection will filter out the most harmful aspects. Financing and debt are nothing new if people want stuff without having the money they should be allowed. If a company wants to buy out another business they’re allowed to raising debt and it’s considered a prudent thing to do.

For Microsoft it’s a fantastic opportunity to by pass Klarna, Afterpay & Credit Cards.

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Hi there, you have replied to me before and seem to comment on most of the 10 stocks i have so thought id ask you the question if you dont mind, like i said im new to this and 8 of my 10 stocks are dropping rapidly, is this what you would call a crash and should i just keep hold ?and add money when the prices are right down as i would anyway on a stock i believe in when the price drops, i know its all my own choice but i would be grateful for your advice, thanks :+1:

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Not financial advise but it’s best not to sell if you can avoid it.

I’m in for the long run …so will be putting more money in and holding!


Always happy to help out, everyone was new once.

Before you made your purchase I’m assuming you did some research into the companies and how they’ll preform over the next months and years. Re visit that research and only act if you feel differently.

Investing for the last 12/18 months has been in ‘easy mode’ and it’s about to get a whole lot harder.

I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you to be in emotional and often the best decision is the one you made weeks ago. If you have some money I allocated then consider the stock on sale.


Microsoft has excellent fundamentals and is not going anywhere soon! The drop isn’t that huge at present considering where we were one year ago or even pre pandemic. This stock has done nothing but rise and rise so a correction is probably welcomed by potential investors.


Thanks everyone ive done a little research and still believe in this company and have kept adding to it :+1:

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Holy moly.



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My reaction as well, wowzer. This metaverse ting really heating up.

I’ve been wondering what Sataya would find to buy. They were in for Tik Tok & Discord so knew this money was burning a hole in their pocket


No effect on the share price today, but I don’t know how these things work. I personally like to see companies doing things.

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It’s probably the trouble that activation is in with the lawsuits that has meant this hasn’t been received all that well. Apparently it won’t close until 2023 so MSFT will want all suits settled before hand is my guess.

Total rug pull AH, down 5%, despite a revenue and profit beat.

Any idea why such a drop on Microsoft?

Sorry if obvious but I am a newbie

It is not obvious.

As a newbie, the main thing to be aware of is that share price movements usually have something to do with expectations. So if you expect the revenues to go up 5% and they go up 5% … the share probably doesn’t move. But also macroeconomic factors and sentiment will play a role in the movement. The more mature the share/company, the more “understanding” the market has of the companies fundamentals. So if, something in the numbers suggests that the share is “fully valued” then it will likely not move or may even drop.

Share prices move up and down on the coat tails of the general market too. And for sure there is something of a sell off going on in the US in tech stocks. This will have played a role in MS share movements.

Finally, note that there is a certain amount of volatility associated with shares, yesterday MS dropped around 2.6 % and it traded in a c. $11 dollar range. I don’t follow MS very closely but to me that doesn’t sound like anything untoward. It is down about $40 dollars since the beginning of November. That kind of says the stock is in correction territory, the recent stock announcement was good news but not enough to jack up the price as the price has this more or less factored in.

My guess, OTH, is that the US markets will open up this morning and MS will open up 3.5-6%.

This doesn’t exactly answer your question but I hope it gives you some background.


It closed at $288.49 yesterday and opened up today at $308.35. Which is 6.9% and above my upper speculation at 6%. It has trimmed back that gain to about 4%. And I rate all this as within the stocks normal volatility.

Not making any guesses on the rest of the day’s wobble.


As Graham said in his book, the market sometimes promotes “storm in a cup of tea”. Great stocks can dip because of a temporary situation.

Have you already read his book? “The Intelligent Investor”. It’s very good to understand how the stock market works.

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The narrative seems to be investors were initially disappointed by the slowing cloud growth to (only) 46%, but they gave solid guidance for the next quarter so that provided the rebound. We’ll see how strong that narrative holds after today and through the week anyway. Apple and Tesla are 9% of the S&P alone.