MicroStrategy (MSTR)

MicroStrategy is a BI platform and recently put aside $250million into Bitcoin to hold for “safe keeping”

I want to have exposure to this new asset class/BITCOIN by such proxy method, as well as MSTR is a good value company to keep in a portfolio as is.

Thank you!
Please add sooner than latter, need to get crypto asset exposure early in advance to 2023.

100% agree!

Also agree. This is a great way to get exposure to the crpyto market in our ISAs


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As Microstrategy added 0.5$ billion of Bitcoin to their balance sheet which is total of 0.1% of total supply. that could be a good hedge via owning actual stock.

100% agree! MSTR should be added!

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I also requested this a few weeks back. Hopefully it gets added :slight_smile:

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Great interview with the CEO of MicroStrategy here;

Yes please

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hopefully they can add it long before the next bitcoin bull run

And another one.