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Any news on this yet?


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Well that didn’t quite go as planned lol.

As a new investor back in April I’ll admit to a bit of fomo in my research and was ultimately swayed by folk who had bought in just after news broke at what transpired to be the peak.

Price had dropped considerably but most were talking about long term plays and as that’s what I was looking for too I joined the party at fractionally above $11 to experience the journey.

Certainly an eye-opener and in reality one of the best things that could have happened to a new investor as it certainly taught me how quickly things can change.

Holding for the long term so let’s see how it goes from here.

I came in at $12 and topped up at 9 and again at 8. Now down at 7 dollars. Hopefully nearly bottomed out

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Down to $5. Not sure why this is so low.

20% up in the last week.

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Results Monday

It’s nice to see some positive news. Will need a lot more to get the share price back to where I need it.

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