Migration to crowdcube Nominee

Recently received email regarding option to migration to crowdcube Nominee for one of my existing investment. Email does highlight key benefits & obvious one will be selling in secondary market but any disadvantages anyone can think of?

A carry when you want to sell your shares?

That’s good point. does someone know what does crowdcube charge if you want to sell nominee shares?

Unless CC launch full fledged Sedondary Market, I wouldn’t move my shares… I believe Seedrs is going to launch direct share holding (including pitches which were funded on CC) to their Nominee hence CC taking this step (even without launching Secondary market) …

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Has anyone sold their Nominee shares on crowdcube? what concerns me is that non transparency around administration charges of crowdcube of transferring shares. They mention it is minimal and case by case basis but ideally they should publish some guidelines e.g. 1-2% or £10

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