Missing funds

Anyone know how I can telephone freetrade? On the 17th of Feb I deposited £2000 but mistakenly got a digit wrong on my reference number, I contacted freetrade who told me they found the money and I would have it within 5 to 7 days but probably sooner , did not receive it so messaged again and was again told it had been found and I would receive it yesterday. It has still not turned up so I’ve messaged (after upgrading my account for quicker response times) only to now be told for the 3rd time my money has been found and I would have it in 7 days.

I feel each time I speak to someone it’s like deja-vu, they tell me they have it and I will receive it in 7 days but I’m still waiting and need to speak ove the phone to resolve this

I can see why you’re frustrated. Support should be better than that. The only option to contact them is via in-app chat or for this query money@freetrade.io

Many thanks for that. Unfortunately I’ve had emails and chat from them but it’s just the same response each time. Thanks anyway