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This pub holding company operates a number of pub chains across the UK, including Nicholson’s, O’Neill’s, Harvester and All Bar One.

Do you think that they are worth investing in

Could be a strong fourth quarter for these guys. Hoping to see a steady rise as they optimise their real estate and more people flock for their Christmas offerings. A hold I think.

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Are stock holders still getting a book of 20% off vouchers annually?

I contacted MAB about this. If you owned the stock on 8th December 2021 they will send yiu the book. Yiu need to show them a statement showing your shares.
Contact details are on the MAB website.


I also contacted M&B and they advised it would be best if freetrade registers you for the shareholders vouchers (you only need a minimum of 1 share).
How do you find out if freetrade will do that registration?

Hi @Onpar :wave: This is an account related issue, please ping for help.

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Hi bitflip,
I had considered whether or not freetrade can provide a service to account holders that would be of interest to others too.
However, if that is not the sort of question to ask other community members for their experience / knowledge I apologise.
I will email the link you posted and when I get a response only I will know the answer.
I would have thought sharing such could help others?

HI! There is nothing to apologise for. There is no problem in you asking the question here and/or sharing your experience with others. Your question was

the answer is, as I indicated, by emailing support.

What was the result of this?.

I have a family member who gets the book through a different platform… Jealous lol

Should have mentioned the minimum holding that qualifies for the shareholders perks is ONE share.
The perk is a booklet of 12 vouchers that reduces your bill by 20% (that includes food plus drinks) and each voucher can be used for up to 10 persons as long as each one has a main course.
Can be used at any of M&B’s 15 brand outlets.

Not been back on here for a while, so appolgies for not responding sooner.
freetrade do not apply for investor freebies for you.
However, their response covers the basic process to use
" Thanks so much for your review! Our goal is to create the best possible app for our customers, so your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are helping us identify areas to improve on.

I am afraid, we are unable to claim the shareholder perks for you. To gain access to these shareholder perks, you should be able to download your monthly statements from within the app and use these.

Just go to the Activity tab and select the statements of interest, this will download a .pdf file to your device where you can then reach out to the company directly to claim them"
MAB are quite good at handling direct communications on this matter:-
"Thank you for your email.

The qualifying date for this year’s vouchers was 8 December 2021. Should you have purchased your shares after this date and your nominee company is unwilling to apply for the vouchers on your behalf, then you will need to contact me in January 2023 and I will explain the procedure to you.

We do not keep a mailing list as you will need to provide me with proof of your shareholding as per that year’s qualifying date each year to receive a booklet.

Please note that people who hold shares via a SIPP do not qualify for the vouchers.


Janet Barker


Secretariat and Investor Relations"

Janet can be contacted at