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Request IPO
I know its not out yet but this is a request for FT to add it once it lands.


Coming up today, @Imulep!

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Anyone know what’s caused the big collapse in their share price over the past couple of days?

Seemed to be flying and then dropped like a stone. Usually I have only seen drops like that when a company puts out some bad results or gets some negative PR but I haven’t seen anything to indicate why it’s happened here.

Fear? It’s a competitive area they work in. My hypothesis is retail drove up the price as if it were a typical large tech company but this price growth was unsustainable leading to its fall and readjustment.

Yeah at one point yesterday it was at all all time high of 422 and then just fell off a cliff going down by over $30 in the last 24 hours.

Still very high based on where it started but it appears to be in freefall right now falling far quicker than it ever rose.

Could be that the share lock-up is due to end from Monday, and some shares are being sold to take advantage of that?

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