Money sent but not been able to use it

Hi @MeghanB26, I have sent A LOT of money last night and I can see it in my freetrade account but it’s not getting topped up for me. Could you help me asap? I can not DM you (newbie). Thanks, Katharina

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Hi @HeinzK

I’m not if @MeghanB26 still works for Freetrade. If you’re a plus user you can use inapp chat if not email

We ‘might’ be able to help however - the wisdom of the crowd and all.

Is this your first deposit?
When you say you can see it but can’t use it, where can you see it?

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Hi! thank your for your reply.

It says it’s a pending bank transfer and I can see the full amount that I’ve transferred below where it says “Total cash 0.0”

I’ve transferred it from my personal bank account in my name not via standing order but via direct transfer. The only issue is that it is possible that it got marked as “bills” when I transferred it because I sent it to Freetrade the business. Could that affect how the app receives it? Ty

Happy to try and help.

Was it your first transfer?
Did you get your customer number correct (I’m guessing so otherwise, it wouldn’t show)

The bills thing, Monzo / Starling I’m guessing, is an internal thing they offer and doesn’t affect anything outside of their platform.

Hi Neil, yes it was my first transfer, from a real bank. :slight_smile:

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Hi Katharina,

Unfortunately I’m just seeing this thread now. Without a doubt, your best port of call for an issue such as this is to reach out to our Customer Service team either in-app if you’re a Plus plan member or via emailing

We’re unable to look into sensitive account issues on the community. If you’ve already contacted Customer Service and your issue remains unresolved, please let me know so I can intervene.

Hello @NeilB! :wave: I’m still about but I don’t frequent the community as often these days!


Good to see you @MeghanB26 the product and engineering teams take all the glory but we’d all be far worse off without you and your colleagues. :ok_hand:t2: