Monkey Picking Stocks

Very interesting concept from Graham Stephan. Look forward what the results be in 1 year time.


I didn’t use a real monkey but I ran this experiment myself over 2015/2018 as a ‘Monkey Stocks League’, with 23 participants picking 5 random stocks for their portfolios (though only a few used actual real money to buy their stocks (from FTSE 350), as opposed to ‘virtual’ money).

@Jim_mcgrain might remember when we pulled the stocks randomly out of a hat in a pub in York? :smiley:

The winning randomly picked portfolio showed a gain of 60% (9.38%) after year 1, 106% (17.68%) after 2 years and 141% (19.95%) after 3 years.

The numbers in brackets is the FTSE 350 Total Return for the respective periods.

Of course, not all random stocks made profits but 78% of the portfolios did.


Hope you keep track of the experiment for another 50 years

I almost bet it will all roughly even out by then

Do you happen to post it on your blog?

Unfortunately, I’m not tracking the experiment any more - it was just too much effort to keep track of all the dividends of 100+ stocks. I was doing it all manually back then.

Yeah, the 3-year update’s here if you’re interested: Monkey Stocks - 3 Years on - Quietly SavingQuietly Saving