Monthly dividend stocks?

Hey guys anyone out there know of any monthly paying dividend stocks available on freetrade?I’ve scoured the web with no luck unless I’ve missed anything. Thanks in advance.

Commercial Property. FCPT.
A whopping 4.76% dividend yield as of today :boom:


Thanks for the reply but I believe that’s the US one that your thinking of and the one freetrade offer is the UK one which dosnt pay a dividend correct me if Iam wrong!

Yes it’s the UK one. It pays a monthly dividend currently 0.5 pence per share.

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Your right my bad. Brilliant just added to my portfolio
Thanks man :+1:t4:

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You can see their previous distributions ( payouts ) on the second page of this factsheet PDF.


Your welcome !
It’s going in my isa portfolio in April. The monthly dividends will pay my account fee and buy some more stock.
Compounding :boom::rocket:

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STHS pays monthly. It’s US corporate bonds.


Small world - FC used to own the building my company was in for 7 years. Might have to investigate them, see if these monthly dividends stack up :grin:

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Tracking gilts however

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Always DYOR before investing… It shouldn’t simply be a case of “oh this has the yield I’m after let’s add it to my portfolio”.

Good luck with the investment though.


There are some, imho, great monthly paying dividend stocks in the US which I hope will be added sometime soon,

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Hi everyone, really excited now that I’m finally on the Android app, just wondering if anyone has any monthly dividend stocks/ETFs in their portfolio? If there are even monthly dividends and if they will be added in the future if not?

I really wanted to know peoples opinion on them and if I should invest in them, I currently have a small amount put into quarterly ETFs so far.

I think people should be able to understand me :sweat_smile: , thank you in advance

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I’ve moved your post here as the community has shared some info that might help answer your question in this thread. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions of course :smile:

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That’s great thank you!

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The only monthly dividend stocks which I know about are in the US

O is arguably the king of monthly dividends. EPR, STAG, MAIN are ones that immediately spring to kind but there are quite a few others. However, I don’t think any of them are yet available in the app

As always, DYOR.

The only one on freetrade for now as far as Iam aware is fcpt ,a property stock.


As stated above FCPT is the only UK monthly income stock presently.

As I invest in UK stocks for income on other platforms in both ISA and SIPP accounts
The UK monthly payers I invest in regularly over time include: SQN, SSIF, SMIF, FAIR

The absence of these on Freetrade to date is a significant barrier to me increasing my financial commitment to anything more than a testbed.

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There are a few bond ETFs in the universe that pay coupons monthly. Outside of ISA, that eats into the savings allowance and after that taxed at income rates. So not a dividend, but are monthly payouts.

Which ones are these?