Monthly Fees Idea

Hello, I wonder if Freetrade can introduce an option to pay the monthly fee upfront instead of monthly.

So instead of paying it monthly have the option to pay the fees upfront for 3,6,9,12 months in addition.

I think this would be useful to many and I for one would welcome such an option - especially 12 months just so it’s paid and out the way for the year.

Just a thought though.

The original intention was to bring 9.99 monthly or 99.99 annually from an old blog by Adam (, not sure if it is still the intention, I would certainly welcome.

Freetrade Alpha wraps up all our services in a fixed monthly subscription. For £10 per month, or £100 per year, Alpha customers will get trading/execution, tax-wrapped accounts (eg ISAs), custody and administration of their investments all included.


Vote for your own idea :joy:

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