Monthly paid div stocks

Realty income div= 3.8%
LTC properties div= 5.14%
Shaw div= 4.42%
PBA div= 4.68%
Main div= 6.2%

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Some of those companies are quite good an addition like this would be awesome.

Vanguard Funds Corporate Bond ETF (VUCP) also pays monthly, with a current yearly yield of 3.56%.

The amount and risk will depend on what you have to invest overall really.


I absolutely support the idea of REITs and any other real estate company that pays monthly dividends. This is a great add to any investment portfolio. Real estate exposure 5-10% of portfolio long-term will yield great results and provide cash even during hard times.

Some good suggestions are Real Income Corporation (NYSE: O) the dividend is not extremely high (roughly 4%) but return on investment can be good.

AGNC has a high yield (11%ish) but stock has been performing poorly.

In general, the best would a balance where there is a decent yield (above 3-4%) and a positive return, more of a leader rather than a laggard.