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Massive Monzo fan and investor but I’m close to cancelling my Plus because it’s offering is poor and this Premium offering isn’t exciting me either. A real shame. Every new release seems to headline with a shiny new card and then padding beneath that trying to make it seem worthwhile. I’m sure there are other POVs to disagree with this but I’m struggling to understand releasing a phone and travel insurance offering when we’re on the brink of another national lockdown and hardly anybody is travelling anyway.


Global travel insurance? What jokers.

They had an opportunity to launch a product that offered something different and relevant - instead they’ve gone with what everyone else did pre Covid.


thats why skip monzo and move on :innocent:

Well, I like it. I’m in. Shameless Monzo fanboy accusations would be well founded…


" - Monzo had the highest net gain of 51,285 between January and September this year.

  • Starling came in second place, with 36,398 net customer gains this year via current account switching. Together, Monzo and Starling have a share of 43% of all new customer net gains through switches."

Metal Card vs Wooden Card…

Every $60 spent plants a tree!

This confused me for a second, its every $60 you spend, so 80% of the interchange fee they get goes to planting trees.

interesting idea, i wonder how durable the cherry will be at that size

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They’re treating it as an extension of the previous June round. Looks like they have 100k+ paying retail customers now and 60,000 business accounts. I’d guess a larger future round would be at a higher valuation, assuming signups continue, things go well with vaccines and people are spending more on cards again.