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This company lets you order personalised greetings cards, flowers and chocolates online.


Thanks Sam - is MOON added yet? I can’t find it in the app

It will apear soon. They usually add these discussion threads before adding the stocks

shame… according to the news it’s spiked 25% already.

It’s live!


Thank you for this!

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Sorry we couldn’t get this live at market open yesterday, we just had to prioritise the issues elsewhere.

We’ll look at add all UK IPOs as soon as they hit the market, same as the US ones we’ll add.


Where is possible to find the equivalent of an S-1 for UK IPO?

Hi Sam. When you say “as soon as they hit the market” do you mean before the IPO date - as in so we customers can sign up for them in advance? I have an ii account and they do that there (although I’ve only seen fund IPOs not your MOONs and SNOWs).