Morrison Supermarkets plc 🥖 🧀 (£MRW) - Share chat

Why has the price shot up to £8

(nvm my FT was all bugged said this went up to 148% higher or something took 6 mins then all my daily graph changed back to normal)

Yeah, it messed my chart up!

Dang look at those gains

Has anybody had any experience of buying into a company like Morrisons which is then taken over. I wonder should I hold or sell.

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Received message from Freetrade that shares will be sold and money credited to account. Timescales not too long either


Must be good to have £7bn on hand to pay people quickly with!

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How can I read that message again? Click on it accidentally and it disappeared! :frowning:

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I don’t think you can. Its seems to be a one time message

Does it not show if you select the profile icon In the top right, scroll down to contact us and then select see all next to conversations.

Other things stock splits show ther for me.

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You’re right it is there