Morrison (WM) Supermarkets plc MRW

Remember, stocks can go up as well as down… :rofl:


It’s a thing of beauty…

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Article in the FT mentions that Clayton, Dubilier & Rice will continue to chase a Morrisons take over despite its initial approach being rejected.


I was late to the party this morning and ended up buying high :frowning:

That’ll do nicely for now! Interesting few days/weeks coming

Edit: missed your last bit. I’m personally holding here, more to come I feel especially if we see any other interest pop up - Amazon ideally.


With the prospect of higher bids your investment might still be a good one. Fingers crossed…

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Yeah will see how the price looks at the end of the day and maybe buy a few more and hold on.

Reading in Yahoo Finance

Could be several interested parties to add ot the mix from Lone star, Apolloo global Management and Amazon.


Gutted I didn’t buy any Friday ha

C’mon Morrison!

Shame 30% of not very much, is not very much, but great to see such green :sweat_smile:


Do we think it’s too late to buy more for a small gain?

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Depends what you think it’ll go to. I read one article which suggested they’d probably agree a price around 250-260.

It might be 5-10% above the current price, but it’s also not guaranteed, so I know personally I can’t be bothered with it.

It’s also worth considering that the current price is slightly higher than the price per share offer they rejected. While that was a starting point, it probably isn’t too far away from the realistic true value.

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Wish I had bought more earlier but if gets up to £2.50 makes a small gain. More than the savings accounts atleast ha.

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I guess it’s gone up another 1% this afternoon, but there’s no reason necessarily to pile into a stock you don’t know anything about for a 5% possible gain. For instance MNG had a 3% swing today, and I’d rate that more highly myself for future growth.

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That’s another il add to my list that I’m watching :-).

Morrisons - the only supermarket Sean Bean has ever advertised - is my favourite of the original big 4. I’d be gutted if some vultures swooped in to asset strip it. As far as I know, it has the biggest vertical supply chain of any supermarket and directly makes a lot of its own brand goods instead of outsourcing it.

The idea of the former boss of Tesco getting in there fills me with dread.


I bought MRW months ago for the divs. Wicked! :slight_smile:


Iv only starting buying stocks last few weeks. Was piling in to bt and Aviva. But maybe Morrisons will be good long term one too.

I banked my profit first thing this morning, and kept my long on the rest of the shares. Practically perfectly pleased.

Yes I thought similar for MNG. Long term growth and divs. Bought in just over a month ago.