Moved to Russia

Well not yet… but what if I did for a short term contract… would that be an issue if I did not have a residence in the UK?

Will you still be resident in the UK for tax purposes? A.k.a. how long will you be gone? The reason this matters is that while you can continue to hold an ISA if no longer tax resident in the UK, you cannot contribute to it.

It’s also worth considering that you’ll have to live in Russia.


Amazing joke

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You’d have a luxurious life with a British salary in Moscow :wink:


I had that while I lived in Kyiv for three years :slight_smile: :ukraine:

Living in other countries is a good life experience, regardless of which country it is, I suppose.

Anyway, I don’t want to distract from @Dys’s question too much. I just couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for the delay, yes I will.

Russia’s great, for the most part :slight_smile:


Then your only concern should be physical access to the app as it is not yet rolled out across the world. A vpn could potentially be used as you should not be breaking any tax laws but query whether the app will work properly. Will you be paid into a UK bank account while out there? If so then no potential issues from that side either.

The app works well abroad. Used it many times on multiple phones with different numbers (UK and Russian). Will maintain UK based bank accounts as only on a contract basis abroad.