MoveGB crowdfunding

What do people think of Move GB which is raising currently?

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Just to add a little bit of context, for anyone who’s not come across them before, here’s their website -

here’s the page explaining their plans for crowdfunding (where you can register your interest) -

& this story gives a pretty good overview of their service -

I’m not recommending that anyone invests without doing more research but in my personal opinion, this looks like one of the more interesting crowdfunded companies.

As a potential user, I like the idea of being able to access different gyms & facilities for more variety & flexibility. Apparently that’s an important part of their retention strategy -

The research behind MoveGB shows that individuals who visit multiple venues to exercise are four times more likely to be active six months after joining than those who visit single venues.

quote from the Forbes story

their pricing looks reasonable

screenshots from their website

& they’re growing quickly.

From our humble roots in Bristol and Bath, we are now the UK’s largest fitness network with over 5,500 activity partners and over 350,000 registered users. Last year we were the UK’s 3rd fastest growing business in the Deloitte Fast 50, and in the top half of the Sunday Times TechTrack 100 this year. Most excitingly we’ve topped the league tables just with the growth in Bristol and Bath!

quote from the crowdfunding page on their website

Presumably not having the constraints of needing to invest lots of money in setting up / running the facilities helps keep costs low & gives their business more flexibility, compared to a regular gym chain.

Again, that’s only a superficial overview but those are the things that stood out for me. I’d be interested to hear what everyone else thinks too!

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Sounds interesting, I’ll use the free trial!

I’ve recently been using PayAsUGym (probably their only direct competitor) while my gym gets refurbished. The flexibility is good, I can go to different gyms for different reasons but if you go a lot in one month then it adds up to be more than my previous membership.

There’s definitely a market for it :+1:t3:

PayAsUGym list of gyms on their app: