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This company offers insurance and reinsurance products and services to customers worldwide, including life and health reinsurance solutions.

Just saw this review (Seeking Alpha) and wondering why this stock is not available on Freetrade Premium - after all you don’t get much bigger than Munich Re:


Munich Re (OTCPK:MURGY) - 34% annual upside

“Like Allianz is the biggest insurance company in the world, Munich Re is the biggest Reinsurance company on earth. It’s also one of the most conservative, in terms of underwriting/safety insurance businesses available. Munich Re is a superb place to put your cash safely, and at a yield of no less than 4% at today’s share price.

The upside in this reinsurance business is no less than 34% at a relatively conservative 5-year average.

Munich RE Upside

Munich Re Upside (F.A.S.T. Graphs)

Munich Re is only one of the many quality businesses that you can invest in with a triple-digit 2-3 year upside - and one that’s not even all that crazy, all things considered. The turnaround that investors have been awaiting for years seems to be coming, with renewals and volume growth pushing things up. What’s more, this is a superb safe pick with a massive upside.

Risks do exist, in that Munich Re is the only major reinsurance business I cover that also runs a primary insurance business - and the company’s profit margins in its ERGO business are limited, with no “Wow” factor compared to its primary insurance peers. Munich Re is also perhaps a bit too conservative, to the degree, it might hamper earnings a bit, and there are continued COVID-19 impacts to the tune of around €300M expected in 2022.

However, Munich Re is another “BUY” in my book, and I’m adding more.”